Probate Lawyers Experienced in Getting Inherited Property Ready for Sale

Securing estate assets and getting inherited property ready for sale are among the most important steps we can take for our probate clients. Our Pennsylvania estate probate lawyers provide this service for both personal property and real estate that heirs wish to have sold.

Our estate probate lawyers can provide a full range of services to help you with these duties. We have the resources to complete all of the following tasks:

  • We can obtain the correct specialized insurance. This insurance can help to protect real estate from casualty and other claims. We can help to ensure that the property is secured and limit access to property from unauthorized persons. This very important, especially when the property is vacant. We can also obtain insurance on valuable personal items. This insurance can protect these assets while arrangements are make to sell them or distribute them to heirs.
  • We have long-term relationships with businesses that will carefully clean out the family home and inventory the contents. They will also protect family documents and items of sentimental or financial value.
  • If you choose to keep certain items, we can pack them with care and ship them to you. We can arrange to have unwanted items disposed of.
  • We can arrange for the sale of high-value items that the heirs wish to have sold. These may include unique art objects and antiques. We work with well known and trusted specialty dealers, auction houses, and appraisers. They can accurately value the items. They can also find buyers who will pay what the items are worth.
  • We can handle all aspects of the sale of the family home and other real estate, such as rental properties, in the manner preferred by the family. We work with trusted experts who will determine the best way to market the property. They can also determine how to get the greatest financial return from its sale. This can require anything from a quick sale of the property “as is” to a complete or partial restoration prior to sale. This will depend on the property and the current market.
  • We often see estate homes that have suffered from years of neglect and delayed maintenance and repairs. We have long-standing relationships with trusted contractors who will perform any needed restoration or repairs at very competitive rates.
  • We can take action to solve any problems with titles on the family home or other real estate.
  • We can take action to resolve issues with property encumbrances. These may include easements, judgements and mortgages on the property.
  • We can assist with issues related to real estate that is “underwater.” (Property that is “underwater” is property that has a current market value which lower than the amount owed on the mortgage.)

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