Our Philadelphia Welding Injury Lawyers file claims against parties who cause workers’ welding injuries. Every year in the U.S., more than half a million construction workers suffer injuries in welding accidents, alone. OSHA violations are one of the most frequent causes of these injuries.

Detailed OSHA regulations related to welding cover:

  • gas welding and cutting
  • arc welding and cutting
  • fire prevention
  • ventilation and protection in welding, cutting, and heating
  • welding, cutting, and heating near preservative coatings

Employers and subcontractors may be liable for welders’ injuries caused by their:

  • failure to provide welders with adequate safety training, or
  • violation of welding regulations

Welding injuries are seldom fatal, but they can have devastating consequences. Injuries sustained by workers represented by our Philadelphia Welding Injury Lawyers may include:

  • severe burns to skin and internal organs
  • brain damage from electrocution
  • injuries sustained in falls caused by electric shock
  • injuries sustained in fires and explosions
  • severe eye injuries and vision loss from ultraviolet radiation
  • brain damage, lung damage, and other organ damage from inhalation of welding gases and fumes

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