Since 1983, our Pennsylvania Estate Probate Lawyers have provided exceptional estate administration, and estate planning services to our Pennsylvania clients. Heiligman & Mogul, P.C., also provides their quality Probate and Estate Administration services to personal representatives who live outside the state.

We produce tremendous benefits for our clients in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. Our clients appreciate and rely on our:

  • in-depth knowledge of estate probate and estate planning law
  • extensive resources
  • personalized and caring approach
  • comprehensive services, and
  • Reasonable fees

Pennsylvania Estate Probate Lawyers

If you have been or wish to be appointed the personal representative (executor or administrator) of a deceased person’s estate, our experienced Estate Probate Lawyers can guide you through the complicated Probate (also called Estate Administration) process. If you prefer, we can handle every aspect of the procedure for you.

Our firm provides:

We also offer our Basic Estate Probate Services to personal representatives who are responsible for administrations of relatively uncomplicated estates. We also provide these services to clients who desire less than our comprehensive probate services. Learn more »

In addition to our basic estate probate services, we also offer the most comprehensive estate probate services available. These services are particularly valuable to personal representatives who are involved with complex estates as well as personal representatives who are living out-of-state or abroad. We ensure the performance of all of your duties and fiduciary obligations in strict accordance with state probate law.

Here are just a few of the many probate duties covered by our full and complete services:

  • Initial filings and appointments, including securing surety bonding, if required
  • Notices to beneficiaries and heirs
  • Estate advertising
  • Securing of assets
  • Insurance of assets
  • Final accountings
  • Payment of estate debts and obligations
  • Sale and liquidation of real and personal property and securities
  • Filing of inheritance tax return and final state and federal returns, and fiduciary returns
  • Informal or formal estate settlement agreements
  • Distribution of estate property

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At your request, our estate probate lawyers can also get any inherited personal or real property ready for sale that the heirs wish to have sold. We can handle the entire sale process for you. This process begins with the securing of these assets and ends with their final sale. Learn more »

You may need certain information in order to choose the probate lawyer who is right for you. See our list of relevant questions and answers which will help you to more easily reach this decision. Learn more »

Pennsylvania Estate Administration Lawyers

“Estate Administration” is a general term for the procedures that an estate must complete regardless of whether a decedent died with or without a Will. (The term “Estate Probate” has the same meaning as “Estate Administration.”) An Estate Administrator is another term for the personal representative of an estate. Our Estate Administration serviceswhich are the same as our Estate Probate services. —include:

  • Basic Estate Administration Services
  • Comprehensive Estate Administration Services
  • Getting Inherited Property Ready for Sale
  • Choosing the Right Estate Administration Lawyer

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Pennsylvania Estate Planning Lawyers

Our Pennsylvania Estate Planning Lawyers can provide creative and personalized solutions to address all of your estate planning needs. Whatever your age, income level, and hopes for the future, you can benefit from a well-conceived and executed estate plan that will help you:

  • protect and preserve your assets
  • provide for your loved ones
  • prepare for unexpected events, and
  • give you the satisfaction of knowing that you have done the best for your family

We will also advise you about events that may require a change in your current estate plan. These events include such things as:

  • a marriage or divorce
  • the birth of a child
  • a contemplated retirement, and
  • a sudden injury or illness

We will review your existing estate plan documents and create new ones for you when appropriate.  Our estate planning services include:

  • trusts
  • powers of attorney for financial affairs and health care
  • guardianships and conservatorships
  • tools to minimize taxes
  • wills and living wills
  • keeping assets out of probate

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