Our Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers have experience with all types of biker injury cases. Negligent drivers and makers of defective motorcycles who cause or contribute to motorcycle crashes can be liable for riders’ accident injuries and deaths.

Riders have nothing to guard them from injury other than helmets and clothing. As a result, bikers who survive these crashes often sustain grave damages, such as:

  • head injuries
  • neck and back injuries
  • paralysis
  • soft tissue injuries
  • burns
  • limb loss
  • road rash

Many of these injuries are far more serious than most people realize. Road rash, alone, can lead to:

  • severe infections
  • nerve damage
  • disfigurement
  • shock
  • limb loss, and
  • death

Our Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyers understand the injuries and evidence specific to this complex type of injury case. Heiligman & Mogul, P.C. has the resources to fight for the justice you deserve.

Driver Negligence

Careless drivers of larger vehicles often cause cycle crashes. Common instances of this neglect include failing to:

  • yield the right of way
  • take care to watch out for bikers
  • keep a safe distance behind and around bikers
  • signal before changing lanes
  • consider road and weather conditions
  • follow other traffic laws and road rules

Bike Defects

Defects in motorcycles also cause many cycle accidents. Bike defects that may lead to crashes include:

  • flaws in design or manufacture that make bikes wobble at high rates of speed
  • brake defects that cause brakes to fail or that cause riders to be thrown from their bikes
  • tire defects that make bikes unstable

Several parties can be liable for injuries or deaths suffered in accidents caused by cycle defects, including motorcycle:

  • designers
  • makes
  • suppliers
  • assemblers
  • wholesalers
  • retailers

Helmet Defects

Helmet defects may cause “enhanced injuries” in some accidents brought on by any cause. (These are injuries that might not have occurred if riders had been wearing non-defective helmets when an accident happened.) Common examples of faulty helmets that may lead to enhanced injuries include helmets:

  • that easily come loose from riders’ heads
  • with insufficient padding
  • that do not sufficiently cover riders’ heads

Sometimes, a faulty bike and a faulty helmet can combine to cause a rider’s accident injuries. In these cases, the companies that made and distributed both products may be liable for damages suffered by the rider.

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