Our Pennsylvania Estate Administration Lawyers help estate administrators perform the duties required of them under state probate law. When someone dies with a Will, state law requires the decedent’s estate to pass through a process known as Probate. A person called an “Executor” carries out the duties of the probate process. When someone dies without a Will, the law requires the decedent’s estate to pass through essentially the same process. In this case, the process is called an Estate Administration and the duties are carried out by an “Estate Administrator.” (Personal Representative is another name for an executor or an administrator.)

If you would like assistance with your duties as the administrator of someone’s estate, we can guide you through your duties or perform all of them for you. Our services include:

Our basic services assist administrators who desire less than our full and complete services. These services parallel the services offered to executors who desire less than our full and complete probate services.

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Our comprehensive services are the most complete services available. These services parallel the full probate services offered to executors.

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Our firm offers full and complete services related to the sale of inherited real and personal property. We can handle every aspect of the sale process for you. This starts with the securing of assets and ends with their final sale.

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Certain questions are relevant to your choice of a probate lawyer who is right for you. These questions apply in all respects to your search for the right Estate Administration Lawyer.

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Estate Probate is an area of the law that many people know very little about. Finds answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Estate Probate and what Estate Probate Lawyers can do for you.

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