Our Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers hold nursing homes and their staff accountable for nursing home abuse. Every year in the U.S., nursing home abuse and neglect cause residents’ serious and often fatal injuries. This abuse is carried out by:

  • employees
  • managers
  • supervisors
  • CNAs
  • doctors
  • nurses
  • other residents

These individuals and nursing homes as separate entities can be liable for residents’ abuse injuries and deaths in law suits filed by Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers.

The lawyers at Heiligman & Mogul, P.C. understand the unique and difficult challenges presented by these cases. We have been fighting for the rights of abused residents and their families for over three decades.

Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence Lawyers can help!

Nursing Home Abuse is intentional physical, mental, or sexual abuse by staff members or other residents. Physical abuse can consist of the:

  • striking
  • pushing
  • tripping, or
  • other intentional physical injury

Mental abuse can occur as:

  • verbal humiliation
  • intimidation
  • deliberate ignoring
  • isolation, or
  • punishment

Sexual abuse may be any form of intentional and non-consensual intimate touching or other sexual contact.

A nursing home’s own negligence can often result in a resident’s abuse. This can occur when a home negligently:

  • screens
  • trains
  • hires
  • monitors
  • educates, and / or
  • retains its employees

If a poorly screened, trained, or supervised staff member abuses a resident, several parties can be liable for the abuse, including:

  • supervisors
  • managers
  • owners, and
  • nursing home itself

Nursing homes can also be liable for physical or sexual assaults by other residents. Lax security often enables this abuse. Poor supervision of residents can also lead to these types of assaults. In these cases, managers, as well as the employees may be legally responsible for the abuse carried out by the other resident. In some cases of nursing home abuse, a home can lose its certification.

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