Our Basic Estate Probate Services help personal representatives fulfill the duties required of them under Pennsylvania probate law. We enable our clients to fulfill these duties while respecting their loved one’s wishes. These basic estate probate services provide much-needed assistance to clients who desire something less than our full and complete estate probate services.

Pennsylvania’s probate procedure is often more efficient than the process required in many other states. In addition, many of the state’s counties follow very similar probate processes.

Here are examples of some of the typical probate duties that we can handle for you with our Basic Estate Probate Services. We can:

  • Where these is a Will, File the original Will and death certificate in the proper Register of Wills office
  • Obtain the Personal Representative’s  (executor or administrator) formal appointment
  • Pay the required probate fees
  • Inventory the estate’s assets
  • Determine which of the assets must go through probate
  • Send notices to all possible heirs and beneficiaries
  • Advertise the estate to notify estate creditors
  • Open an estate account
  • Pay the estate’s debts
  • File required tax returns and pay taxes
  • Distribute estate assets to the heirs
  • Prepare an account and file closing documents.

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