Estate Planning is an area of the law that many people know very little about. Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Pennsylvania Estate Planning Lawyers and what they can accomplish for you.

A Pennsylvania Estate Planning Lawyer can create an estate plan to help you:

  • protect and preserve your property (assets) during your lifetime
  • maximize the income from your assets
  • determine how your assets will be distributed upon your death
  • plan for unforeseen circumstances such as an illness or disability
  • put money aside for retirement or travel
  • otherwise accomplish the things you want for yourself and your family

A Pennsylvania Estate Planning Lawyer may also be able to reduce the tax burden on your heirs after you die.

Yes. Some people are naturally inclined to attempt things on their own. This often includes the planning of their estates. Whatever your background, if you try to handle all that is involved in creating your own estate plan, you will risk making mistakes that can cost you and your family money. These mistakes may also prevent you from achieving the results that you want.

Some of the problems you may encounter if you plan your own estate include:

  • laws you do not understand
  • laws that change after your estate planning documents are created
  • unintended results from using on-line document forms
  • a plan that fails to account for your specific needs from using on-line document forms
  • a plan that does not have the legal effect you desire
  • a plan that is invalid and unenforceable
Estate planning is not just for the wealthy, as many people believe. It is also not just for people who are getting ready to retire. Regardless of your financial situation and your stage of life, an estate plan designed for your own personal needs can protect what you have. It can also reduce taxes and other costs that would diminish your assets after you die. Estate plans created by experienced and creative Pennsylvania Estate Planning Lawyers can help you do the best for your family while you are alive and after you are gone.
The specifics of an estate plan will depend on a person’s personal needs and desires. Here are some of the many items that can be covered by a well-drawn estate plan:

  • a Will that addresses your particular goals
  • titling of property to keep it out of probate, where appropriate
  • powers of attorney for people who can no longer (or no longer wish to) make their own financial and health care decisions
  • guardianships or conservatorships for people who are unable to manage their own affairs
  • tools to minimize taxes
  • plans for old age and retirement

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