Our Philadelphia Insurance Dispute Lawyers help clients obtain benefits owed to them under their insurance policies. Insurance companies often decline to honor their policies. Some deny claims as a matter of course. They hope that policy holders will accept the denial and not think to take legal action against them.

State law requires a company to have “reasonable justification” for denying a claim. This means, among other things, that the company must:

  • conduct a reasonable investigation, and
  • pay all legitimate claims in a timely manner

A company may be liable for a policy holder’s losses caused by the improper handling of a claim. These may include:

  • lost wages
  • interest on money borrowed to cover expenses while benefits were withheld
  • losses due to damaged credit

Disputing an company’s denial of benefits can be a complex process. Only experienced insurance dispute lawyers should handle these types of cases.

Since 1988, our Philadelphia insurance dispute lawyers have helped clients with:

  • long-term disability (LTD) claims
  • life insurance claims
  • homeowner claims
  • property claims
  • business losses
  • losses due to insurance company refusal to settle accident or other personal injury claims

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